Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3rd anniversary

Heyy............ So happy today! wanna know why?? I did something to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary with papi ^_* #smooch#  We chatted, joked and dined, just two of us. Since I had a baby, it's rarely to get through this. Although we did it every day at home, but it's different feel. And I had a such great time with my hubby today...

What I wore today : Tosca & pink, lovely colors! I purposely choosed those colors to make me girly, LOL. Anyhoo matching with my bag too. Hermes look a like LOL... and I used dian pelangi's hijab style.
my big ribbon ring
my batik bag, isn't cute?? hermes look a like ^_*
my handmade pearl bracelet. Can be modified into long necklace
happy couple ^^
Hijab : unbranded thamrin city
Long cardi : unbranded
Dress : cavalier
Skinny jeans : Guess
Batik bag : everlasting batik
Location : Sky Dining floor 10th Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta

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