Monday, June 27, 2011

Floral jacket

floral jacket can be a beautiful accessory that can add a soft, feminine touch to any outfit. It's just one of the items that is great to always have in your wardrobe.  Yeeaaahhh... floral pattern is always be my favourites. Check this out hijabers, I made mix and match with floral jacket for any occasion. Which one is your style??

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Floral print maxi dress, sweet!!

I have quite a lot of maxi dress in my wardrobe. In fact, I almost wear those on my daily outfit even for casual look or night look. I think maxi dress is so feminine and modest, makes any woman feel and look beautiful. And floral print is my favourite one ^_^ 

These are some references to mix match items for floral maxi dress. For casual look, you can wear sleeveless/ short sleeves maxi dress with cotton cardI or denim jacket, and lace/velvet bolero for evening style. Let's spring the air with floral print...

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Harem pant

Harem pants are fully style pant from middle east/east asia that a gathered at both the waist and ankle with balloning legs. Harem pants are usually made of lightweight fabrics. Harem pants, which is originated in india are like a cross between a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans. The legs from the knees down are fittes. Traditional harem pants can be extremely large and baggy with a very wide and full fit, very roomy, loose fitting, over sized, puffy, spacious, with elastic in waist and at ankles and with the crotch below the knee almost to the ground (from wikipedia)
In the late 1980's the rapper MC hammer introduced a modified version of the harem pant  (modern version) thus known as hammer pants or parachute pants. Similar pants are also known as baggy pant, aladdin pant, balloon pants, drop crotch pants, pantaloons (from wikipedia).
inspiring look fashion hijab with harem pant
Many kinds of harem pants, very cool huh??

And now harem pants back to being a new trend in Summer fashion trend 2011. Until now, harem pants is still loyal worn for casual option with additional sexy accents such as high heels. In fact, harem pants is applicable to the atmosphere and other accent styles.

Spring time

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3rd anniversary

Heyy............ So happy today! wanna know why?? I did something to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary with papi ^_* #smooch#  We chatted, joked and dined, just two of us. Since I had a baby, it's rarely to get through this. Although we did it every day at home, but it's different feel. And I had a such great time with my hubby today...

What I wore today : Tosca & pink, lovely colors! I purposely choosed those colors to make me girly, LOL. Anyhoo matching with my bag too. Hermes look a like LOL... and I used dian pelangi's hijab style.
my big ribbon ring
my batik bag, isn't cute?? hermes look a like ^_*
my handmade pearl bracelet. Can be modified into long necklace
happy couple ^^
Hijab : unbranded thamrin city
Long cardi : unbranded
Dress : cavalier
Skinny jeans : Guess
Batik bag : everlasting batik
Location : Sky Dining floor 10th Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Love a bunch for this bloomy sleeves top. The puff effect of the sleeves is perfect, a bit loose and  very comfy. This wide leg pant is booming recently, back to vintage....  and this outfit makes me bloomy on air...
another my owl, so classic in gold... 

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Red & blue

How flashy red and electric blue combined on this bright day.... but I love it! Then I used black and white stripe shawl to make it nicer. I always love stripes. Accidentally, it works with vintage bag I had.
dunno why like hottie lately, hoot...hoot....

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Denim jumpsuit

This is my outfit when us (me, my kid, my hubby) spent weekend time at mall. Playing, dinning, window shopping... nice weekend ^__^

having fun with my princess
trying this wedges, love pink & tosca, nice combination!
But I was stunned with this tie die pink flat shoes by bellagio. How cute it is... But too bad I didn't buy to be mine this time, hikss...

Shawl : Kami idea
Jumpsuit : Juz D'orange
Button cardi : Jing
Flat Shoes : Korean shoes
Location : Plaza Semanggi, Jakarta

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Silver & maroon uniforms

Another wedding uniform from my besties 'ian'. We got silver brokat & maroon sateen plain fabric as I requested. This time I made a sleeveless maxi dress combine with sequins bolero of gold and silver. How do u think?? Actually on my dress chest part spread sequins also, but I think you didn't see it coz its same color.
On this wedd I didn't make outfit for papi (my hubby) & zara (my kid). The things I need to do is only grab some clothes we already have in our closet. But still can make we're matching family coz have the same color combination ^__^
mom & child

the bride & the groom wore traditional wedding dress from tapanuli selatan

Outfit : self tailored by indiko boutique
Batik kotemporer (my hubby) : Omah batik larasati
Accesories hijab : Ardelya scarf
Location : Alam Sari Resto, Karawang West Java

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Tosca uniform

My besties 'nana' got married. The tradition is usually we give bridemaids fabrics which we can create by our own how the dress will be like. So she gave tosca 'brokat' and it was pretty. So I design my own dress and of course for my hubby & my princess, then gave them to my fave tailor. But I didn't make 'kebaya' this time, I think longdress will be nicer and I made a lil bit modification by combining with grey. Love it!!  I always love to have matching outfit with my lil fam. and tadaaa........... here's the look
the candra's
MMG sistah on tosca
(left to right) : Mrs.Ina, Mrs.Nurul, Ms.Siska, Mrs.Nia
Outfit : self tailored by indiko boutique
Makeup & stylish hijab : Moz5 muslimah salon
Accesories hijab : Ardelya scarf

Location : At Pandu & Ratna wedding

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blink blink me....

Oooo... I loveeee this dress sooooo much. Like the design, fabric, color and sequins on it! It's very soft & smooth. I wore it to my campusmate's wedding party. For me it's not too glamour, but still keep stunning me on nite special occasion, so blink blink...

Hijab : unbranded paris w/ swarovski 
Maxi dress : Sole Mio

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Misty grey & stripe

One of my fav color is grey. There's why my closet is dominated with grey, stripes also. Love this batwing cardigan anyway, it can match into any outfiit. I bought from OS, and take home for 2, grey  one & elect blue ^_*  And this is my outfit when lunched out with buddies. Very simple but it's comfy me... 

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assalamualaikum, hai... this is my 2nd blog. You can see my daily hijab outfit here. Actually on my 1st blog (my personal blog) you can see my outfit too, but I think it's better to make them separetely. Wearing hijab doesn't mean I can't experiencing with style & fashion, but I'm required more creative to mix and match clothes & hijab, so that keep fashionable but still syar'i. Insyallah next I wanna give a tutorial hijab and post all kinds of fashion trend moslem... Hope this blog could be reference for hijabers and who knows can make people wear hijab. Salam hijab!


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