Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tosca uniform

My besties 'nana' got married. The tradition is usually we give bridemaids fabrics which we can create by our own how the dress will be like. So she gave tosca 'brokat' and it was pretty. So I design my own dress and of course for my hubby & my princess, then gave them to my fave tailor. But I didn't make 'kebaya' this time, I think longdress will be nicer and I made a lil bit modification by combining with grey. Love it!!  I always love to have matching outfit with my lil fam. and tadaaa........... here's the look
the candra's
MMG sistah on tosca
(left to right) : Mrs.Ina, Mrs.Nurul, Ms.Siska, Mrs.Nia
Outfit : self tailored by indiko boutique
Makeup & stylish hijab : Moz5 muslimah salon
Accesories hijab : Ardelya scarf

Location : At Pandu & Ratna wedding

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  1. hi Ina mau tanya indikoe boutique ada nomor telponnya ga? thx -rizka-

  2. hmmm.... penjaitnya udah pindah mb, no.lamanya udah ga aktif, jadi loss contact nih :(


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