Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silver & maroon uniforms

Another wedding uniform from my besties 'ian'. We got silver brokat & maroon sateen plain fabric as I requested. This time I made a sleeveless maxi dress combine with sequins bolero of gold and silver. How do u think?? Actually on my dress chest part spread sequins also, but I think you didn't see it coz its same color.
On this wedd I didn't make outfit for papi (my hubby) & zara (my kid). The things I need to do is only grab some clothes we already have in our closet. But still can make we're matching family coz have the same color combination ^__^
mom & child

the bride & the groom wore traditional wedding dress from tapanuli selatan

Outfit : self tailored by indiko boutique
Batik kotemporer (my hubby) : Omah batik larasati
Accesories hijab : Ardelya scarf
Location : Alam Sari Resto, Karawang West Java

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