Saturday, November 26, 2011


This is my 2nd visit to MOSBazaar on last friday. This event was held on MOSHAICT BOUTIQ. Surely many hijabers are enthusiastic about this event. This can be seen so hard to find a car park #sigh. Too many people in there, very crowded.....

But the funny is, I'm not engrossed see collections of local designers, but instead was stunned to hijabers who came with many pretty hijab style. How gorjess they are!!  #proudofhijabers
with good friends : tomoko & jeng dini

Anyhoo, this is what I wore.......... all items are from my OS ZARRAMOSLEM
inner, cotton shawl, wide dress, chiffon brooch (coming soon) by ZARRAMOSLEM

You should come hijabers, many cute things there.........

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flowery pastel chic


Have a full struggle to get this samantha pant by Mainland Heritage lol #lebayyy....... First time I'm crush on samantha skirt. But unfortunately me, it wasn't produced anymore. But it comes with new one, samantha pant, but  with the same style 'suspender look a like' but only one side. This is what I like. So I go to Hijup to buy it online. But unfortunately me (again), I missed out all colors #hiikksss. And glad to read on Hijup fanpage, MH restock it again, and on the second chance, lucky me finally I got this pant, #yipppiieee....... isn't pretty this pastel pant?? #smooch

inner ninja-ZARRAMOSLEM
flower top-unbranded
pant - samantha pant by MAINLAND HERITAGE

Sunday, November 13, 2011

kiddo's school time

turtleneck tee & layer vest Unbranded
Shoes - CENTRO

Saturday, November 12, 2011

#3 Hijab tutorial:Turban Shawl part II

Another tutorial using turban shawl

#2 Hijab tutorial:Turban Shawl part I

Enjoy my 2nd hijab tutorial using turban shawl
  1. Put your turban shawl over your head (Turban shawl have a different length and a wrinkle part on shorter side). The longest side on right and the shorter side on left
  2. Take the longest side to the short side through the back of your head
  3. Wrap the short side with the longest side
  4. And turn the rest round your head
  5. Cover the chest and place it to under ear and secure with a pin
  6. The last part, you can add your fave brooch, and we're done!

Monday, November 7, 2011


My special outfit for ied adha.... wore kaftan againnnn.....
I love kaftan, and loveeeee this pastel color. And you know what, I use paris hijab again after a looonggg time not using it....


My outfit when accompanied my kid's first day school....
Love love love this shawl, nice gradation colors!!

baloon top & maxi skirt - ZARRAMOSLEM


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