Saturday, November 12, 2011

#2 Hijab tutorial:Turban Shawl part I

Enjoy my 2nd hijab tutorial using turban shawl
  1. Put your turban shawl over your head (Turban shawl have a different length and a wrinkle part on shorter side). The longest side on right and the shorter side on left
  2. Take the longest side to the short side through the back of your head
  3. Wrap the short side with the longest side
  4. And turn the rest round your head
  5. Cover the chest and place it to under ear and secure with a pin
  6. The last part, you can add your fave brooch, and we're done!


  1. aih bagus.. seide sama nalia rifika ^^

  2. love this! mbaak, bikin tutorialnya pake foto aja terus ya, kalo video pake buffering mah lama. hohoho. can't wait for your next tutorial! <3


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