Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flowery pastel chic


Have a full struggle to get this samantha pant by Mainland Heritage lol #lebayyy....... First time I'm crush on samantha skirt. But unfortunately me, it wasn't produced anymore. But it comes with new one, samantha pant, but  with the same style 'suspender look a like' but only one side. This is what I like. So I go to Hijup to buy it online. But unfortunately me (again), I missed out all colors #hiikksss. And glad to read on Hijup fanpage, MH restock it again, and on the second chance, lucky me finally I got this pant, #yipppiieee....... isn't pretty this pastel pant?? #smooch

inner ninja-ZARRAMOSLEM
flower top-unbranded
pant - samantha pant by MAINLAND HERITAGE

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