Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hijab trends in my [jakarta] hometown

From what I have noticed, hijab trends in indonesia especially in jakarta is booming casual hijab look with loose style, simple & oversized, and these are some of young hijabis trends most easy to find around...
1. Multiway cardigan, choose your own style with multiway cardi

2. Jumpsuit

3Headdress "inner ninja" is cover not only for your hair, but your neck & upper bosom. They come in variety material such as spandex or cotton.

4. Cotton shawl. It's so popular. You can wrapped in loose style, very comfy...

5. Batwing commonly found in models cardigans, blouses,or maxi dresses

6. Harem pant. You can read my previous posting about harem pant here

7. Wide leg pant

8. Extra long cardigan. Cardigan is a must have item for hijabis to make fashionable & chic looks instantly. Long cardigan has the flowing & relaxed effect but still elegant, besides that it can cover your hollow body.
photos taken from kivitz , nurzahra 
9. Tie dye motifs on shawl, headdress, maxi dress or skirts. The famous indonesian designers of tie dye collections are Kami Idea & Dian Pelangi.
photos taken from here
10. Hoodie style. It popularized by indonesian singer Puput Melati, so called as hoodie puput melati. 

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